Welcome to Compeat's learning centre!

We offer online education around nutrition, wellbeing and performance for our clients


  • I'd love to learn & sign up - how do I access this information?

    This platform is for our clients only and not accessible to the general public. We have lots of free, educational content on our podcast The Compeat Waffle or across on our socials - search @CompeatPerformance

  • I am a client / part of a team that is working with Compeat - how do I sign in?

    Sign in/up via the button in the top left of this page. This will take you to your Dashboard which will show any courses you are enrolled in at the moment. If you can't see anything, please reach out to support@compeatperformance.com

  • I'm a dietitian or nutritionist wanting community and upskilling. Is this Compeat Academy?

    Compeat Academy is now on a standalone learning platform at learn.compeatacademy.com . Head on over there for more details! If you were an active member of Academy at the time of the move, you should have received an email asking you to set your password for the new platform. Email hello@compeatacademy with any Qs.

  • I want to get my team/club access! Who do I speak to?

    Contact daniel@compeatperformance.com - you can find more information and book a meeting at compeatperformance.com